System solution

Urban mobility

More and more cities have to deal with major traffic problems. However, the demands placed on modern urban management are high: no congested streets, hardly any noise, little air pollution, integration into existing architecture and, at the same time, investments should not be blasted. One of the solutions is to shift traffic to the air.

Our process
Marketing, Sales
Project planning, rope calculation
  • Developing plant concepts
  • Rope calculations and length profiles
  • Layout of stations and garages
  • 40 own engineers and designers
  • closest exchange of information thanks to in-house production

Production in Flums
  • extensive machinery
  • state-of-the-art machine tools
  • 3-shift production on six days
  • Own vehicle production in new building
Pre-assembly in Flums
  • complete "in-house" pre-assembly
  • comprehensive function and quality control
  • also active as general contractor
  • Transport in Modules
  • partly in cooperation with special transport companies
Assembly on site
Acceptance by public authorities
After Sales Service by the Bartholet Service Center
Here are our references in the urban area
Our top references
Top Referenz
Further information about the TPM 4/8 in the middle of Moscow